Beach Food Pantry Launches First-Ever Annual Appeal

The Beach Food Pantry is kicking off our first-ever annual appeal.  In commemoration of our 25 years of providing service to the Dare County community, we are conducting this appeal throughout the remainder of the year and throughout upcoming holiday season. Marketing A-Frame with Logo We are reaching out today to you, our friends and supporters, to share news about the Beach Food Pantry, and update you on some of our new programs. As a result of your interest and support, as well as donations from across our Outer Banks’ community, we were able to provide emergency food assistance to 5,100 individuals in 2013, representing nearly 15% of Dare County residents! The Pantry purchases the majority of the non-perishable items that are distributed. These items provide families with a core set of staple food items to feed a household for 2 to 4 weeks. Donations of food items that augment our core food offerings are received from community food drives; individual and organization donations; participation in the monthly Supplemental Nutritional Assistance program; and perishable food donations of bread, meat, produce, and dairy from area Food Lion, Fresh Market, and Walmart stores. This past year, you may have heard that we instituted a new Board of Directors and hired a part-time Executive Director. These changes were necessary to meet the increasing challenge of bringing in enough food and donations to sustain the Pantry. We have been pleased with the resulting increases in the number of volunteers, improvements to our website, increased social media presence, new partnerships with community and national organizations to secure grant funding and participate in fundraisers, and new monthly e-newsletter for supporters. The Beach Food Pantry’s mission is to provide direct nutritional assistance to Dare County’s residents in a temporary crises or emergency situations. In our unique seasonal economy, this can be challenging. The Cost of Living Index released in May 2014 revealed that the cost of living in Dare County is 8.7% above the national average. Food costs were about 5% above the national average. Non-seasonal unemployment is as high as 20%; and 15% of the county’s population is food insecure. To help meet the needs of our community, we have implemented an annual appeal and sponsorship program and plan to develop other community fundraisers to help us feed the hungry in our community. Donation information, sponsorship levels, pledge opportunities, and information about food drives, volunteering, and our e-newsletter are highlighted on our rack card inserted below or by clicking here- Beach Food Pantry Rack Card.  You may also donate via Paypal at our Donate Button in the header or on the left hand side of each of our website pages. We hope that you will support the Beach Food Pantry through a monetary donation, sponsorship, pledge, or donation of time or food items as well as share our mission and challenges with others in the community. Your efforts are vital to our success in alleviating food insecurity in Dare County and we look forward to our partnership with you in the coming year. We have contacted over 1,600 of our fellow Dare County residents and supporters by mail and are reaching out to the rest of our community through our website, social media outlets, supporting churches and organizations, and email newsletter.  Please help us spread the word by sharing this information with your friends, family, coworkers, and anyone that you think would be interested! Beach Food Pantry Rack Card Beach Food Pantry Rack Card_Page_1Beach Food Pantry Rack Card_Page_2
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