Beach Food Pantry : Food Pantry

  • Are You in Need of Food?

    If you are a Dare County resident experiencing a temporary crisis or emergency and need food assistance, you are eligible to come to the Beach Food Pantry located at 4007 North Croatan Highway in Kitty Hawk. We are open Monday through Friday from 2pm-4pm, except legal holidays.

    We strive to provide healthy and nutritional food items which include pantry staples, fresh vegetables, frozen items, meat and dairy. It is our firm belief that healthy eating and well-rounded food choices are of utmost importance in today’s busy households.


    Service Guidelines

    • MUST be a Dare County Resident.
    • Photo ID and proof of Dare County residency MUST be presented at each visit for the head of household AND his/her spouse/partner, if any. Proof of Dare County residence may include a valid Driver's License, Utility Bill, Tax Bill, Bank Statement, or Lease.  Address identification must be current.
    • Effective January 2, 2018 - ID MUST also be presented at each visit for each dependent child (18 years and under) residing with the head of household and his/her spouse/partner, if any. Child ID may include a valid birth certificate, social security card, or passport. 
    • All information forms MUST be completed in their entirety and signed prior to service at each visit.
    • Four visits are allowed per household per calendar year.
    • Clients MUST wait a minimum of 30 days between visits.