Want To Donate?

Two Ways To Donate


We are most in need of monetary donations.  

    • We are a client-choice pantry. So, some items move quickly and some are less popular. We will not buy products we know do not move well and we try not to stock them, in general, prefering to leave space for more in-demand products on our shelves.
    • Funds allow us the ability to continue to work with wholesale grocers and others, often at better prices than are available to you at the grocery store.
    • We have some storage constraints. Money allows us to procure the items we need most at that particular time, and in quantities that we are able to easily absorb.
    • We have moved toward an emphasis on fresh foods and we are able to use cash to purchase fresh product, as it is needed.  


Online by clicking here or by clicking on our "Donate" button.

Via Venmo @BeachFoodPantry

Via mail at

Beach Food Pantry
PO Box 468, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

If you prefer not to provide banking/credit card info via the website, you can call our Executive Director at 252-261-2756.



If you have perishable donations, or you need a donation receipt/picture/etc outside normal business hours (Monday-Friday, 8a-5p), please contact Elisabeth at 202-352-2107 to coordinate a drop-off.

If you choose to go to the store for items, canned fruits and vegetables are best because they are what we distribute the most of overall. For canned fruits, we ask you to consider 100% juice-packed, rather than syrup-packed. We use 15 oz cans. We also suggest that people give items their own family enjoys. I guarantee it will help someone else through this difficult time!

We have a drop-off area that is available 24/7 for nonperishable product. It's in the trailer that is directly in front of the building. The side door of the trailer stays closed, but not locked. So, you can open the door, drop off your items and close the trailer door again. PLEASE DO NOT leave perishable product outside the building. 

We are thankful for all donations of any kind!

We are able to accept items past the expiration dateI We have a booklet that tells us how long we can safely distribute it, so we are able to sort through it and determine what is usable.

Thank you again.

We are humbled to be your proxies in this incredibly important work.