Our Mission

We exist to provide free groceries to individuals and families in our community who have been affected by a temporary crisis or emergency. We offer hope to the estimated 5,680 people in Dare County who are food insecure - 1,550 of whom are children. And, we offer our commitment - to every Dare County resident - that we will be prepared to do our part should our Outer Banks community ever be affected by a natural event.



Fill out an online application.

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If you don't have access to the internet, please contact our office at (252) 261-2756.


After we receive your application, we will call or text you to set up an appointment.


Be here for your appointment day/time. Or, call ASAP and let us know if you can't make it and need to reschedule.


Many people are asking about the best way to support us at this critical time. We are so thankful for this investment on behalf of your neighbors in need in Dare County.

Please note that we are asking donors to leave 2-4p, Monday- Friday, as a time for us to focus 100% on our client and volunteer needs. Please refrain from calling or visiting during this time as we will be too busy to be able to properly thank you and process your donations!

We are most in need of monetary donations. This allows us the ability to continue to work with wholesale grocers and others to procure the items we need most at that time. You can donate online by clicking here or clicking on our donate button. You can also donate via mail at Beach Food Pantry, PO Box 468, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949. If you prefer not to provide banking/credit card info via the web, you can call our Executive Director at 252-261-2756.

If you are interested in donating food, please note that we have intentionally not posted a list specifically for needs related to this crisis. The reason for this is multi-pronged. One of the biggest is to allow the grocery stores to get their shelves refilled and to protect stock that is on the shelves for people that are trying to buy their groceries. Groups of well-meaning people can have an adverse effect on product availability, and we need donors to be very mindful of that, please.

Other reasons include that it is much more labor intensive to process food donations as they come in and resources are spread thin. Further, we have to quarantine donations away for a period of time, so it is not readily available to us until a few days after your donation. These are the major reasons for this decision.

But, in the end, please be certain that we are thankful for all donations of any kind! To protect the store stock, you may want to consider "shopping" from your own home pantry by donating items you may have overbought and/or items you've discovered you don’t want or need. We are even able to accept items past the expiration dateI We have a booklet that tells us how long we can safely distribute it, so we are able to sort through it and determine what is usable.

If you choose to go to the store for items, canned fruits and vegetables are best because they are what we distribute the most of overall. We have an abundance of green beans, but any other vegetable will work! For canned fruits, we ask you to consider 100% juice-packed, rather than syrup-packed. We use 15 oz cans. We also suggest that people give items their family enjoys. I guarantee it will help someone else through this difficult time!

We have a drop box that is available 24/7 and is located between the Little Free Library and the bench to the right of our building by the parking lot. Or, you can contact Elisabeth to coordinate a drop off at 202-352-2107. Please note that we are attempting to follow every safety precaution, so we'll come out to the parking lot to get your donations. We are not allowing anyone in the building that has not been through a temperature check and general health questionnaire and we are wearing masks. Therefore, please let us come out to you! Thank you again. We are humbled to be your proxies in this incredibly important work.